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 DIRTBUSTERS Carpet Cleaning has been in the cleaning industry since 1989.

We all take pride in our work and are dedicated to our customers needs.

Our company is based on the belief that our customers needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

We at Dirtbusters use high performance cleaning machines-all cleaning products are enviromently friendly & pet safe.

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best  service in the industry.

Dirtbusters Carpet Cleaning ... 

Periodically, have your carpet and upholstery professionally cleaned. Most carpet manufacturers recommend hot water extraction as the best method for cleaning carpet, and many require periodic hot water extraction cleaning as a warranty requirement. Do not use do-it-yourself wet shampooing or dry cleaning methods on carpets. They can leave a residue which actually attracts and holds dirt.

1. Our environmentally-safe super heated solution is injected deep into your carpet fibers

2. Soil and stains are then loosened

3. Strong suction extracts the dirt, debris, and stains and almost all of the solution

4. All foreign substances, including common household allergens, pollutants and dust mites are removed

5. Dirtbusters Carpet Cleaning leaves your carpet clean and rid of the substances that promote breathing problems.


Dirtbusters Upholstery Cleaning ...

Your sofas, armchairs, dining room chairs, and other furniture deserve the very best care and maintenance, just like our carpet cleaning service delivers. Children and pets can be rough on your furniture investment, but our upholstery cleaning methods may restore the original showroom cleanliness and beauty of your furniture. Because furniture fabric types can vary from manufacturers, trust our expertise in identifying the best method to clean and deodorize each piece. You and your family will be delighted with the results.


After Cleaning Care ...

Immediately Following the Cleaning of Your Carpet and Upholstery,

Some Simple Precautions Should Be Taken For The Best Results

• Keep children and pets off cleaned carpet until completely dry.

• Keep traffic to a minimum on the carpet for 2-3 hours.

• Do not remove any pads or blocks the cleaning technician may have placed under your furniture until the carpet is completely dry. This will prevent rust spots or stains from furniture legs or metal casters.

• Drying times vary due to a number of factors, i.e., the humidity, the density of your carpet or fabric of your upholstery, etc. Ventilation and air circulation will help to reduce drying time. Drying times vary but will be reduced under ideal weather conditions and increase in extremely cold or humid conditions.


Pricing ...

Pricing is per room or for upholstery per item. Please call us for a more specific quote.

Note: Most carpet cleaning companies base their pricing per square footage. Due to the size variation between rooms, this pricing model is not always a good way to determine price. Our representatives will always give you the best pricing for your carpet and upholstery cleaning needs.

                    What's Included in the Price?

                               • Light furniture moving

                               • Spot and stain removal

                               • Heated extraction cleaning - high powered industrial cleaning machine

                               • De-odorizer               

Carpet Cleaning Tips

Vacuuming ...

Nothing is more important for maintaining beautiful, long lasting carpet than vacuuming. Dry soil is abrasive and can actually damage carpet fibers, causing accelerated wear. In addition to creating a dingy, poor appearance, it will also diminish the effectiveness of your stain-resistant protective coating. A vacuum with a beater bar will give the best results. It is also good to vacuum to maintain good air quality.


Spot Removal ...

When removing spots, always pre-test the spot remover on a hidden area of your carpet or fabric. Apply a small amount and blot it with a clean white cloth. If any color appears on your cloth or you see any color change, do not use the spot remover. After testing, apply the spot remover to your cloth, and then blot it onto the spot. Repeat until the spot is gone. Next, rinse by wetting the cloth with water and blotting it onto the area. Then, with a clean dry cloth.


Carpet and Fabric Protection ...

Carpet and fabric protection helps to extend the life of your carpets and upholstery by making the removal of dirt easier and by helping restore stain blocking performance for easier food and spot removal. Ask your professional carpet cleaner for recommendations.


Clean Up Spills Immediately ...

The quicker you attend to a spill, the easier it is to remove. Always blot the spill. Use a clean, white absorbent cloth. Never rub or use a brush. Rubbing can actually make the stain worse and permanently alter the look of the carpet fiber or fabric


Entrance Mats ...

Using entrance mats inside and outside of doorways will reduce the amount of soil brought onto your carpet. As much as 70% of the dirt and grime in your carpet is tracked-in soil.


      • Specialist in Leather & Vinyl Cleaning

      • All Types of Rugs Cleaned

      • Caravan Upholstery 

      • Pet Odour Removal Treatment

      • Flea and Dust Mite removal

      • Colour Brighteners

      • Environmental Friendly Extraction Cleaning Fluids

      • Stain Removal/Spot Treatment

      • Stain Protection Available

      • Commercial & Domestic Properties , landlord & letting agencies most welcome ( discounted )

      • Evenings and Weekends - we strive to find convienent time that suits you best

      • 7 Days a Week


We only use cleaning products that are safe for children and pets, and every member of our team is trained in cleaning techniques for efficient and spotless results. We perform the best service at an all-inclusive price. Dirtbusters Carpet Cleaning  has built it's reputation on doing the best cleaning job at affordable prices. 70% of our business is from repeat customers and referrals. We take pride in our work and customer service and it shows! Call us today and see for yourself what a fantastic     difference Dirtbusters Carpet Cleaning can do for your home or business.


                                       when we say clean we mean really really clean ...

                                                                          0773 360 3539 

                                                   Cleaning Up  West Lothian Since 1989

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